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En Croute Catering Ltd wants your event to be a success and the best way to achieve this is to formulate a strong, honest and open relationship with you, where communication is clear and expectations from both sides are understood from the outset.


Following our discussions En Croute Catering Ltd will provide you with an individual quotation. It will remain valid for your particular event date. In the instance that the event brief alters, it may be necessary to review and reissue the quotation.


En Croute Catering Ltd’s services are hired under the terms and conditions set out below. The payment by any person of any fees and charges for such services shall be deemed to be an acknowledgment and acceptance by such person of these conditions. Confirmation of your event will be upon receipt of the requested deposit. Failure to provide one may result in En Croute Catering Ltd cancelling the event.

Payment Terms

As many costs are incurred on your behalf prior to the event date, En Croute Catering ltd have the following payment terms:

  • A deposit, based on a minimum of 10% of total quotation costs, is required immediately to confirm your event, although this varies depending on the nature of the event. All deposits are non-refundable.
  • If you require a tasting, this will be charged at £60 including VAT for 2 people to be paid a minimum of 3 working days before the date of the tasting. This will then be deducted from your final bill should you confirm your Event with En Croute Catering Ltd.
  • Full prepayment of all known costs is payable 3 days prior to the day of your event when you confirm your final numbers for catering.

Confirmation of Requirements

To ensure that your Event can goes smoothly, En Croute Catering Ltd require you to provide confirmed numbers, menu choices, dietary and any other requirements no later than 3 working days prior to the Event. Any changes made after that date may not be able to be catered for.


In the instance that you need to cancel your event, the following conditions will apply:

  • All cancellations must be made by telephone, in the first instance and then confirmed by email. The catering order will only be cancelled when you are in receipt of a Cancellation Acceptance from En Croute Catering Ltd, which will be by email.
  • If you cancel the catering order within 2 working days, but more than 1 working day prior to the date of the catering order specified in the quotation, then you shall be liable to pay 50% of the total invoice. En Croute Catering Ltd will then reimburse you for the 50% that has been paid prior to the event.
  • If you cancel within 1 working day prior to the catering order specified in the quotation, then you shall remain liable to pay 100% of the total invoice.
  • If the number of guests reduce within 1 working day of the date of the catering order full payment for all confirmed guests will still be chargeable.
  • Deposits shall never be refunded regardless of the period of cancellation.


En Croute Catering Ltd confirms that they have, and will maintain, sufficient Public Liability Insurance for events of the nature of the booking. A copy of the certificate is available upon request.

En Croute Catering Ltd follows strict HACCP guidelines for all food production, handling, storage and distribution and dealings with our clients and their guests. Our policy, based on these guidelines, restricts the service of foodstuffs to a maximum of two hours after being removed from refrigeration. Anything consumed after this is at your discretion and therefore becomes your responsibility.

En Croute Catering Ltd advise that all food must be consumed within 90 minutes of initial serving, therefore any food consumed after 90 minutes or more of it first being served is at your discretion and therefore becomes your responsibility.

Where En Croute Catering Ltd uses your kitchen facilities, they will be thoroughly reviewed prior to the Event but if they are deemed to be unusable on the Event date then En Croute Catering Ltd will accept no liability for cancellation of the Event.


En Croute Catering Ltd delivery charges vary depending on location. The exact charge will be clearly stated in all quotes. Congestion and parking charges may be applied.

Minimum Order

En Croute Catering Ltd has a minimum order of £100 for non-staffed catering and £200 for staffed catering. This is figure is an invoice total excluding VAT.

Storing of Leftover Food

Please be aware that if you have been supplied cold food by En Croute Catering Ltd that this should covered and stored between 1˚C and 5˚C (in the fridge) for no longer than 24 hours.

Reheating of Leftover Food

Please be aware that if you have been supplied hot food by En Croute Catering Ltd that this should only be reheated once and then discarded or eaten cold.

The food should be cooled as quickly as possible, ideally within 90 minutes of it being hot, covered and then stored between 1˚C and 5˚C (in the fridge) for no longer than 24 hours. If the food in question is rice we recommend that this is not stored to be reheated.

To reheat the food correctly please ensure that there is a core temperature of at least 82˚C. This can be done with a temperature probe or you can ensure that all of the food is steaming hot throughout.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the above is adhered to. All of the food that comes from En Croute Catering Ltd is subject to stringent Environmental Health Organisation checks – which can be seen on request.

We cannot take any responsibility for any illness that may happen due to not following the above procedures.

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